Clapham Parish Design Statement

How do you want Clapham to look
in 10-15 years' time?

A small working group, appointed

by the Parish Council, has been

putting together Clapham's 'Parish

Design Statement.

What is a Parish Design Statement?

A Parish (or Village) Design Statement is a set of guidelines which fleshes out the design-related policies in the Neighbourhood Plan,   The aim is to help people put together planning applications which stand a good chance of acceptance by the National Park Authority.

Who's involved?

The working group currently consists of:

  • Jeff Kluckers (representing the Parish Council)

  • Gilly Gale

  • Andrea Hardisty

  • Sally Morris

Chris Patterson of the South Downs National Park Authority has been providing advice.

What's happened so far?

The group has identified eight proposed policies, based on what residents told us (both in the original Neighbourhood Plan consultation, and in our subsequent parish walks and well attended open meetings).   They have also drafted most of the supporting background text, including a detailed inventory of every building in the Parish.

What happens next?

The final survey has been hand delivered to every Clapham household, asking for residents' opinions on the eight proposed policies.   Please fill this in (it will only take a couple of minutes), and leave your completed sheet at The Junction before 31st March.  If you can't, or prefer not to, go to The Junction during the current virus situation (particularly since it is only operating as a shop between 12-1), you can fill it in online here.

Once the policies are finalised and the supporting text completed, and the document has been approved by the Parish Council, it will be formally submitted to SDNPA.  Once they have approved it, it will officially become part of the Clapham Neighbourhood Development Plan.


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