The village cafe and shop


'The Junction @ Clapham' is currently unable to operate because of Covid-19 restrictions. 


However, we all hope that when all this is behind us the cafe and shop will continue to thrive. Yvette, who owns the building, has signed a lease with the Trustees for the occupation of the plot on which it stands; she and John have carried out substantial renovations to the building itself, helped by a donation of funds from the former C&P Community Shop and Cafe Project.  


While the building has to remain closed, Yvette and John are very nobly coordinating orders from various local suppliers for groceries, bread, meat etc; you pick up your goods when delivered, from Yvette's house (Fourwinds, The Street, Clapham) or, if you are unable to go out, someone can deliver them to your door.  You pay by online transfer to avoid having to handle cash.   You can place your orders by emailing Yvette Fisher. or via the village WhatsApp group (Yvette can add you to this is you're not already on it - all she needs is your mobine number).

The future of The Junction


Once things are back to normal, if the business can be shown to be viable, Yvette aims to transfer ownership of, and responsibility for running, the shop and cafe to a properly-constituted community organisation.  If you feel you could help to make this a reality, please contact Yvette on 07803 074424 or junction975@yahoo.com.

In the meantime, Yvette would like to know whether there is general support for her proposed first steps back towards normal operation of the shop and cafe.  What she suggests is:

  1. Opening fairly soon for a few days a week, over lunch time, for take-away coffee/tea and cake to start with.   Customers would need to observe a one-way system, entering by the front door and leaving by the back door.

  2. The next step would be to try to supply fresh fruit and veg, bread and household items from the shop itself.

Please let Yvette know on 07753 662428 if you support this proposal and would use the shop/cafe on this basis - if we don't use it, we'll lose it!

What is a community shop?