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Along the Furlong


The 'Along the Furlong' magazine for the parishes of Clapham, Patching and Findon may be no more, but you can still keep in touch.

In its new guise, 'Along the Furlong' has become an email notice board for Clapham and Patching residents.

Just email the moderator, Maggie Wright, at to be added to the list.  Please spread the word around your friends and neighbours so that the mailing list can grow.  Group emails will probably come about once a week/fortnight depending on how much information comes in to share!


You can send items you'd like to share with the community to the same email address, or drop them in at 6 Woodland Close, Clapham - for example:

  • coffee mornings, 

  • forthcoming concerts,

  • asking for recommendations for eg a plumber,

  • searching for a lost cat,

  • church services etc.

It will not be used as a platform to share gossip or as a soap box! The aim is to bring our community together.  Maggie can upload and send posters and pictures , so do send anything you would like shared - preferably as a JPEG.  


The 1933 editions of the  parish magazine which was the predecessor of the print-based 'Along the Furlong' are now available online.


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