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In November 2019, new named Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) began to be assigned to their areas.   Every community across Sussex will now have one or more dedicated PCSO to enhance public confidence and collate vital community intelligence.  100 additional PCSOs are being recruited to fill these vacancies.

Our local officer is Beth Fidling;  she works shifts, so it's best to use 101 or go online to report non-emergency incidents.  You can contact the police in the following ways:

Local Crime

You can see Sussex Police's map showing the latest crime figures for our area at

Operation Crackdown

Operation Crackdown is a joint initiative run by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and Sussex Police, which gives the Sussex community an opportunity to report specific instances of anti-social driving/riding, as well as any abandoned vehicles left on the roads.

What constitutes anti-social driving?

The phrase 'anti-social driving/riding' can cover many different behaviours on the road, which may include:

  • Speeding by individuals

  • Using a mobile phone at the wheel

  • Not wearing a seat belt

  • Careless/aggressive driving

It is important to note that Operation Crackdown should not be used for emergency situations (such as obvious drink-driving).  These should be reported via the 999 emergency number.

How can you report anti-social driving/riding?

Operation Crackdown has its own dedicated website,, which you can use to report anti-social driving/riding.  Alternatively, you can call 01243 642222 during office hours to speak to an operator.

What information will you need?

In order to make a full Operation Crackdown report, you will need the following:

  • The vehicle's make, model and licence plate number

  • The location of the incident - the more information you can give, the better

  • Any more information about the driver/rider - e.g. rough age and gender

  • If you do notice that the vehicle has no valid tax disc, you should report this as well

  • You will be asked for your contact details at the end of the form.  These will help Operation Crackdown to keep you up to date, and will also give them the opportunity to contact you again if they need more information.   You will not be identified if the offending driver/rider is contacted.

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