Clapham Parish Design Statement

Proposed policies


1 – The design of new buildings or extensions

  • 1a           High quality contemporary design is perfectly acceptable provided that it does not detract from the village feel

  • 1b           New buildings or extensions, if built in traditional style, should reflect aspects of existing buildings such as traditional shapes, features or materials

  • 1c            Any new development should contain a variety of styles and sizes of housing that reflects the current diversity of the village


2 – The amount of space around new buildings or extensions

  • 2a           New buildings should be well spaced from each other and from nearby existing buildings

  • 2b           New buildings and extensions to existing buildings should retain adequate outdoor space and should not crowd neighbouring properties; the frontage line of  adjacent properties should be respected

  • 2c            Car parking areas should be surfaced with permeable materials so as not to impair surface drainage


3 - The height of new buildings or extensions

  • 3a           New buildings, or extensions to existing buildings, should not exceed the height of adjacent buildings, and should in any case not exceed two storeys in height


4 – The materials used

  • 4a           New buildings and extensions should incorporate typical local materials (ideally locally sourced) such as brick, flint, tiles and timber, or modern materials which are visually compatible with these

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