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Clapham Parish Design Statement

Policies - revised after survey input (approved by CPC on 28 January 2021)


1 – The design of new buildings or extensions

  • 1a           High quality contemporary design may be acceptable provided that it does not detract from the village feel

  • 1b           New buildings or extensions, if built in traditional style, should reflect aspects of existing buildings such as traditional shapes, features or materials, so as to harmonize with the surrounding buildings

  • 1c            Any new development should contain a variety of styles and sizes of housing that reflects the current diversity of the village


2 – The amount of space around new buildings or extensions

  • 2a          Spacing between new buildings, and between new buildings and exisiting adjacent buildings, should - at a minimum - reflect the spacing between existing buildings in the adjacent area, as specified in Policy HD2 of CNDP

  • 2b          New buildings and extensions to existing buildings should retain adequate outdoor space as specified in Policy HD5 of CNDP

  • 2c          New buildings/extensions should not overlook, overshadow or appeari overbearing to neighbouring properties

  • 2d          New buildings/extensions should not be closer to the roadway than adjacent properties

  • 2e          Provision of car parking spaces should reflect the higher than average car ownership resulting from lack of access to public transport and limited availability of on-street parking

  • 2f           Charging points for electric vehicles should be provided for every new dwelling


3 - The height of new buildings or extensions

  • 3a           New buildings, or extensions to existing buildings, should not exceed the height of, nor in any way appear overbearing to, adjacent buildings

  • 3b          New buildings/extensions should not exceed two storeys in height

  • 3c          Conversions of existing roof space into living accommodation should not raise the existing ridge line of two-storey or taller buildings


4 – The materials used

  • 4a           New buildings and extensions should incorporate typical local materials (ideally locally sourced) such as brick, flint, tiles and timber, or modern materials which are visually compatible with these

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