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Highways and Footpaths

Old metal gate on public footpath in Clapham West Sussex

West Sussex County Council's Highways Department is responsible for our (adopted) roads and footpaths.

If you feel there are problems that need taking care of on any roads, pavements or footpaths, you can complete an online form or, if urgent, phone 01243 642105 (for roads and street lights) or 01243 777620 (for public rights of way).

Public rights of way in Clapham and Patching

Road conditions

Planned road works and closures in our area

Traffic status

Highway rangers

The highway rangers look after such matters as:

  • cutting back overgrown vegetation

  • trimming the edges of grass verges

  • clearing weeds

  • sign and bollard cleaning

  • hand clearing gullies and ditches

  • removing unlawful signs

  • renovating street furniture.

If you have a request for the highway rangers when they are next in our area, please call 01243 642105 (mentioning 'highway rangers') or email

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