Annual General Meeting

The Annual General meeting is the yearly occasion when the Committee reports to the members on the past year's activities and finances, and takes their advice on future plans.  The AGM is held in November/early December, and is followed by refreshments and a quiz, Gardeners' Question Time or other entertainment.  There is no charge for members to attend.


2019 AGM


The 2019 AGM was held on Friday 29th November.  


2020 General Meeting


At the 2019 AGM, the majority of the Committee stood down after many years' service.  The new Committee felt unable to go ahead with this year's Spring and Summer Shows;  they hoped to reinstate them in 2021. 

A General Meeting was held on 21st February at which a good number of members made their views known.  There was a strong feeling that the Shows should not be abandoned; various other ideas were also discussed.  The committee said they would email all members with their proposals in the near future, and then probably convene another meeting to obtain feedback.


2020 EGM

The majority of the new Committee have resigned since the General Meeting.  This means that not only the Spring and Summer Shows, but the Society itself, could collapse. So if you feel these long-established features of village life are too important to lose, the community needs your help!  Please attend the Extraordinary General Meeting which will be announced shortly, both to give your views and - importantly - to offer your help.

2020 AGM


Date to be confirmed

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