As part of its 21-year lease from the Trustees of Clapham Recreation Ground, Clapham Parish Council has taken on responsibility for replacing the children's playground.  The new playground is considerably larger than the previous play area;  it lies central to the Southern boundary of the Rec (see map) so as to minimise inconvenience to residents on either side.  The area has been be fenced (to keep dogs out, and children in), and a disabled-accessible path will be installed from The Street and along the Eastern boundary. 

The Parish Council is contributing all of the 'Community Infrastructure Levy' money (£24,175) which it has received from the developer of the new houses at Clapham Common.  In addition, the CPR group has handed over the substantial sum of £6000 produced by their own fund-raising.  And now the total sum needed has been completed, as the Parish Council has been successful in obtaining a grant of £25,500 from the government's 'Pocket Parks' fund.

Map showing location of new play area

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