Clapham hopes to appear on 'The Repair Shop'


The pew fronts have been stored in the shed, and they will be in the way if we are able to put a compostable toilet in the shed. They are no longer usable in their current condition and it would be lovely to be able to put them back in front of the choir stalls rather than just scrap them.


Do come along and be part of the Socially Distanced Group outside Clapham Church. The group will be filmed by a drone overhead!  If you'd like to be on film saying why Clapham church is special to you, or why you think the pew fronts should be restored, then please come prepared to be filmed!


Maggie Somerset's son Henry is the film maker/editor.


It is highly unlikely that we will be selected by the Repair Shop, but you never know!

'The Repair Shop' TV programme (which is filmed at Weald and Downland Museum) is looking for applications from Community Groups.


We're going to make an application video to The Repair Shop to see whether they can restore the choir stall pew fronts, on Monday 26th October at 2pm.  (If the weather is too bad for filming we will defer to 31st October.)

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