Works at Patching Pond

A message from the Parish Council

There has been a lot of discussion locally about the works

going on at Patching pond, and lots of enquiries to Patching

Parish Council. I thought it might be helpful to share the

feedback the Council has had from South Downs National

Park Authority planning (with their permission) when we asked

about it.

Following our initial enquiries, SDNPA responded in late August, saying (sic):

The site at Patching pond has been visited…… there was no breaches of planning taking place, there are no tree preservation orders on site and the trees that are being removed are self-seeded trees, which the land owner can remove if he wants to. The land owner is working with Arun District  … regarding the pond.

… there are no breaches of planning at the time of my last site visit. The further site visit will take place in the near future. …

Following a further site visit in September, SDNPA reported (sic):

… I had a report of soil/rubble being imported onto the site known as Patching Pond. I have visited the site and today I served a temporary stop notice on the land owner to prevent any further importation of soil /building rubble.He has been provided a 28 day period in which to remove the soil already deposited, therefore.. may be trucks going onto site removing the soil put there last week. He also intend to remove all the plant machinery but not the shredder. 

.. there is a small ‘ad hoc’ letter box on the Heras Fencing, … has applied to Arun district council to gain an address for the site, I have opposed this request that stating it doesn’t require an address.

.. there may be work in the near future in the form of the erection of some fencing, …. in the same style that has been erected in the layby. I have advise him of the regulations to ensure he stays within the confines of permitted development.

During the SDNPA site visit, it was noted that there was burning of some form of waste on the site. Arun District Council Environmental Health have been advised of this by SDNPA.

I hope this note is helpful to parishioners!
Paul Isaacs, Chairman, for and on behalf of Patching Parish Council

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