Some of you may have heard a rumour that the Parish Council intends to recommend the construction of ‘hundreds’ of houses and a trading estate on the Travis Perkins and WSCC site in Clapham Common.  However, the Councillor who was the source of the rumour now says it was just 'mischief' - phew!
In any case, the rumour could not be further from the truth!   After extensive consultation with everyone who lives in Clapham Parish, the Clapham Neighbourhood Development Plan (Policy HD3 – Housing site allocation) stated as follows – explanations in square brackets:

“Permission will be granted, within the Plan period, for approximately 30 new homes on the land identified on the Proposals Map [marked HD3; this is the Travis Perkins site – should it ever come on the market!]. The development will be expected to provide a housing mix to meet the specific housing needs of the existing and future residents of the Parish in terms of house types and tenures, including an appropriate level of affordable housing.” 


The supporting notes say: 

“HD3.1 – The Parish does not have a housing allocation;  however, the Housing Needs Study identified a local requirement for homes.  The site is brownfield land;  it is currently being used as a Builders’ Merchants, which causes issues of noise and traffic, and is felt to be inappropriate in this location.  The site is expected to close in the lifetime of this Plan [2015-2035]. 


HD3.2 – Prior to planning permission being sought for any development at site HD3, a design brief shall be prepared and shall then be submitted as part of the evidence in support of the planning application.  The design brief should be prepared in consultation with relevant parties including the SDNPA and Clapham Parish Council. 


HD3.3 – The policy proposes approximately 30 new homes.  The development site is just over 1 hectare;  for the development to be in character with the locality, the density should be in keeping with the surrounding settlement [Clapham Common has a density of 24 units to the hectare].” 


As regards the WSCC site, here is what the Plan says in Policy BT3: 


“Change of use to class B1 uses (including light industry) and new development for such uses will be supported, where the impact on surrounding residential and community amenity is not unacceptable and other policy considerations are complied with.  Change to Class B2 uses (general industry) or Class B8 (distribution and storage) for units of over 500 sq. m. will be resisted. 


Use of the piece of land shown on the Proposals Map [marked BT3 - this is the WSCC depot site] will be permitted for small light industrial units.” 


That’s what you all approved back in 2016, and that’s it!  The Clapham Parish Design Statement, which was started some years ago and will - we hope - shortly be completed, is purely concerned with the design and appearance of new buildings and extensions, and has absolutely no bearing on the number or location of any new buildings or developments. 


You’ll find the Proposals Map at and the full Plan at

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