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Faster Broadband - better luck

next time!


Paul received the following email from Openreach today:


Thanks for your efforts and support with the project,

but it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to proceed. You

may remember me telling you that we would have

needed a minimum of 96 valid pledges to cover the

build cost of £383,513 (assuming the full £4,000 per voucher).

We had around 72 pledges in total from which 61 valid vouchers were sent out. Even with the full £4,000 vouchers and if every single one validated, this would leave us with £244,000 which is well short of the build cost. We can’t gather any more pledges or send out any more vouchers now as the voucher scheme is closed in your area.

Sorry I don’t have better news, we supported you as best we could. You can find out in the future about any further future Openreach FTTP plans for your area by enquiring here Fibre Broadband Availability - Customer.

Paul says:

Unfortunately, that seems to be it this time around. I feel sure that had we had the opportunity to talk face to face about this, we may have got there. So, what next...

My final request: please follow Openreach’s suggestions and let’s flood the link above with requests to see if we can get the system grinding into action again.  

When asked about my query I said:

Our community application for fttp in the tranche which closed 31/3/21 fell just short of the numbers required. When will this community become eligible again?

Maybe if enough of us ask, they will take the hint!


Sorry we couldn’t make it happen… this time!

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