Clapham’s Assets of Community Value

A message from Sarah Linfield, Clerk to Clapham Parish Council:


When Clapham parish council last met (Thursday 30th July 2020) it discussed the village ‘Assets of Community Value’, as the 5-year listings expired on the 29th July. In recognition of the impact of the pandemic, Arun District Council has confirmed that although the listings have expired, they have held back from removing the restrictions at Land Registry for now.
More information on the nomination process is available at
The council is planning to re-nominate the assets, which are the Church of St Mary The Virgin, the school and the Junction.  However, any statement that the land/building furthers the social wellbeing/interest of the local community, must be supported by evidence, as otherwise ADC will not be able to accept the nomination. They have advised that a lot has changed in the last 5 years and what was submitted previously may not be enough to support/secure a new nomination.
Nominations therefore need as much evidence as possible.  This can be in the form of testimonials, advertisements, lists of clubs/groups using facilities and the frequency of use, photographs, copies of web pages showing history of the property/land or its use/events, etc - so if you do have any evidence to support the nominations, please do email them to me at
Thank you so much to those who have already sent me photos and other contributions.


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