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Latest Developments

A retrospective application for an extension to the current temporary planning permission for shop and cafe operations has been granted. 


A planning application has been approved for a new, considerably larger building on approximately the present site, to be constructed if and when funds permit.  Pre-planning advice has also been obtained for an alternative site (should this prove necessary) near the Village Hall.

The existing temporary building (and accompanying loo) have now been taken over by Yvette Fisher.  Yvette has now signed an interim ground lease (a 'Tenancy at Will') with the Trustees for the plot occupied by the existing building; this will allow time for her to establish whether the cafe/shop is a viable project going forward.  The Parish Council is about to take on a lease for the remainder of the Rec. 

Funds raised from memberships, donations, fundraising events and grants, after allowing for costs, totalled £6,554 at 31st March 2018.  Unfortunately it was not possible to meet the deadline for applying for a European 'Leader Grant' for a new building.  The group has therefore now decided to devote its efforts to maintaining the current building.  



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