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Membership of CPCSCP Ltd

In due course, it is intended that residents of Clapham and Patching - and of course other supporters - will be able to become Members of the Community Benefit Society, CPCSCP Ltd, by buying one or more £25 shares (each Member will have one vote, irrespective of the number of shares held). Until that time, the only Members of the Society are the six Management Committee members (i.e. the Directors), and the Society is not answerable to the community as a whole.

Planning permission has been obtained for a new building (subject to minor modifications required by the Trustees of the Recreation Ground).  Once a detailed and robust business plan has been prepared which indicates that a replacement shop/cafe under community ownership is a viable proposition, a formal Prospectus will be issued, inviting people to buy shares.  A public meeting will also be held to explain the Share Offer.  The Project hopes to sell at least 1,000 shares, raising £25,000.  The total costs are expected to be of the order of £100,000.

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