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Clapham & Patching Community Shop & Cafe Project Ltd

At the Special General Meeting on 19th February 2016, the motion was passed to dissolve 'Clapham & Patching Community Shop & Cafe Project' membership organisation in favour of the more formal 'Clapham and Patching Community Shop and Cafe Project Ltd' (a Community Benefit Society), which was set up in early February; the original Project organisation was wound up at the end of March. 

The second motion was also passed, after slight modification; the revised version read 'Subject to the requirements of the existing Constitution, all funds will be transferred to the new body'.  This change was needed because the original Project's Constitution required that, where the source is known, any funds must be returned to their donors on dissolution.  Please contact the Treasurer for further details.

Presentations were given by members of the Management Committee on the story so far, the new body, and the proposed new building.   Mark McTaggart from the Plunkett Foundation (an organisation which has provided a great deal of helpful advice) then provided additional useful information about community businesses, and about the benefits of moving to this new structure.

Presentations from the meeting:

Annual Report and Accounts 2016-7. 

Annual report and accounts 2017-8.

An Annual General Meeting was held on 25th June 2018 (attended by the Directors only, since there are as yet no members).  The decision was reached not to wind up the organisation, but to press ahead, initially in order to fund refurbishment of the existing temporary building.

Management Committee  Membership  Rules

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